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The First title in a new PI Novel Series from Richard Helms!


Five years ago, Charleston Police Detective Whitlock tossed his badge and gun on his chief’s desk and walked away from the job after making a fateful career-ending choice between honor and duty.

Now a successful private detective in the Holy City, Whitlock is hired by multibillionaire industrialist Tucker Donovan for a special search. A woman Donovan lost four decades earlier has recently died, but not before reaching out to tell Donovan she had his daughter, and that she is alive. The only hitch—she was adopted at birth, and even Donovan’s immense wealth can’t unlock the records.

Whitlock uncovers three potential candidates. Donovan wants him to locate all three, secure DNA testing, and find out which one is his daughter.

Whitlock has other concerns. The last detective who took on the search, Marcus Ogilvy, was stabbed to death in the Charleston Public  Market. As he wings from Charleston to Wyoming to Los Angeles to Aruba on his quest, Whitlock suspects someone in Donovan’s family is sabotaging the search to prevent diluting Donovan’s estate. Somebody murdered Ogilvy, and Whitlock worries that he might be next!



Holy City, the 24th novel by Silver Falchion, Derringer, Thriller, Macavity, and Shamus Award-winning author Richard Helms, will be available on all online bookseller sites in July 2024!


"Seasoned mystery pro Helms (Doctor Hate) demonstrates his mastery in blending genres as the narrative seamlessly transitions between mystery, suspense, and family drama, creating a rich and multi-dimensional story powered by crisp prose, sharp-edged dialogue, and an eye for the killer detail. Helms’ skillful pacing and scenecraft will keep readers on the edge of their seats."

--Publishers Weekly Booklife


"Helms’ writing is engaging and amusing, artful in its wordplay and dialogue. The mystery is satisfying and leaves room for more intrigue in later installments of the series."

--Kirkus Reviews


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